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Do you feel that your business operations are unorganized? Cannot find invoices generated, dues, bills to settled or cannot provide all required for auditing easily? Register with MngInv today and get everything simplified. You feel much more comfortable


What do you get

Customer and supplier management

Get everyone recorded with an appropriate level and anlayze how they involve with your business.

Bill management

Record all your expenses properly and analyze for optimizations and comparison.

Income and Expense - Insights

Compare income and expenses in various ways for understanding the status of your business, today and tomorrow.

Invoice management

Start from quotations to invoices, manage everything in an organized manner with many different indicators.

Payroll management

Manage salaries, allowances, EPF/ETF, all related to employees for better income and expense management.

Business Intelligence

Understand your business, see the insights using dashboards with built-in KPIs.

Need it your way?

We will customize for you

Do you have specific, related requirement to be added? Contact us, we will get id done for you.

Compare and plan
See insights
Get printed or emailed
Who have not paid?

Is my data secured ?

Obviously, we care about your data, consider all your data as sensitive data and take all necessary steps for protecting them using all modern security techniques. Additionally, in order to make sure that your data is not mixed-up with other accounts, every account gets a new, standalone database and storage. Therefore, all your data is isolated and all documents uploaded are properly secured in a storage dedicated to you.

In order to strengthening the security, we use a wide variety of Microsoft Azure services for protecting repositories and services. This guarantees enterprise compliance and end-to-end protection, and we believe that it helps you to focus on your business rather worrying on your data..

How do you start


Contact us with details and we will get you onboard immediately. You can try this out for two months, with all features, absolutely free. If you do not like our services, you can cancel it anytime and we will discard your data completly.


Add preliminary data such as company settings, logo, email configuration, services, rates, currencies and users. Configure authentication and authorization.

Customers & Supplies

Record all customers and suppliers along with their services, addresses and bank accounts. Having details added allow better analysis.

Record transactions

Manage your invoices, bills, payments, etc. in an efficient and user-friendly way, with all supportive items. See indicators, progress and insights that help you to understand how it goes and plan tomorrow.


What our clients say


Simple but rich, never thought that it would take the operational burden away.

Susantha Silva
CEO - Manage360 Pvt Ltd.

Most importantly, Insight I see is invaluable, this helps to plan my tomorrow.

Pradeep Pushpakumara
CEO - Digital One Labs (Pvt) Ltd
You are about to simplify your business operations

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Contact us now and have two-month trial subscription, absolutely free. It is a simple onboarding process, once the agreement is accepted, your account will be available within few minutes.

If you are satisfied with features available, you can start only with required features. When you need to have more features, upgrade is a simple process. Not only that, we can customize this for you.

Hurry, subscription is at an introdcutory price.